To fetch the metadata of Wiki Page objects, send a GET request to:|xml)


Request XML, using cURL utility:

curl -H "Authorization: bearer _token"

Request JSON, using cURL utility:

curl -H "Authorization: bearer _token"

The table below lists fields contained in the response. The list will be properly formatted to json or xml as requested.


Param Data type Access Description
id string read Page identifier
page_name string write Page name
contents text write Page contents
parent_id string write Identifier of the parent page of which the wiki page is a child page. Use this attribute to build a wiki page tree.
space_id string read Identifier of the space to which the page belongs
user_id string read Identifier of the author of the page
position integer write Order of the page according to its siblings
status integer write Valid statuses include
  • 0 - Private
  • 1 - Active
  • 2 - Archived
wiki_format integer write Valid formats include
  • 2 - Textile
  • 3 - HTML
version integer read Latest version of the page
change_comment text write Comment on a change
created_at datetime read Date and time when the page was created
updated_at datetime read Date and time when the page was updated


Field Validator Description
page_name uniqueness validator Page name should be unique in space scope.
page_name length validator Page name should not be longer than 50 characters.
contents presence validator Page contents should be present.
position numericality validator Only integer or float values are acceptable also NULL value is.
wiki_format inclusion validator Only the following values are accepted:
  • 2 - Textile
  • 3 - HTML