Assembla Developer API provides resources to be used by external applications, using a secure authentication mechanism (OAuth 2) and based on REST architecture.

Getting Started →

If you are new to developing with the Assembla API, take a look at this section to become familiar with our terminology, learn how to register your application, and find out how to successfully build on top of Assembla's API.

Authentication Documentation →

Assembla uses Oauth2 to authenticate users from external applications. There are four authentication flows available - key/secret credentials, web service, client credentials, and pin code. Also find out how to refresh expired access tokens. Get all the information you need on authenticating Assembla users.

Reference Guide →

Assembla has a lot of actions so check out the reference guide to catch up on the list of more then 70 requests, find references, and learn more about how to make your application work as you envisioned it.

Mailing List →

The API Mailing List is the best resource for contacting the developers who made the API as well as the developers working in the API.

Register Your Application Now →