To fetch metadata of Ticket object send a GET request to:|xml)

example. request json with curl utility:

curl -H "Authorization: bearer _token"

example. request xml with curl utility:

curl -H "Authorization: bearer _token"

table below is the list of fields contained in the response, this list will be properly formatted to json or xml as requested.


Param Data type Access Description
id string read Ticket identifier
number integer read/write Ticket number, can be set ticket on creation
summary string read/write Summary of the ticket, only field required to create a ticket.
description text read/write Ticket description
priority integer read/write Ticket priority, possible values are bolded:

  • 1 - Highest
  • 2 - High
  • 3 - Normal
  • 4 - Low
  • 5 - Lowest
completed_date datetime read Date and time when ticket was moved to one of Closed statuses (Fixed/Invalid).
component_id integer read/write Id of the component associated with the ticket
created_on datetime read/write Date and time when ticket was created, can be set ticket on creation
permission_type integer read/write Sets ticket as a development or a support Public/Private ticket. To enable support tickets, a Support Tool must be added to the project. Available values are in bold:

  • 0 - Development ticket
  • 1 - Private support ticket
  • 2 - Public support ticket
importance float read Sorting criteria for Assembla Planner
is_story boolean(0,1) read/write Mark ticket as a story, this is a general organization option, it will not affect tickets directly unless you manage it in your app.
milestone_id integer read/write Id of the milestone that ticket is associated with
tags array write Associate tags to the ticket. Examples:
  <tags type="array">
Query string
followers array write Add followers to the ticket by user login, email or id, examples:
  <followers type="array">
Query string
Consider bgnP_qA1Gr2QjIaaaHk9wZ is a user ID.
notification_list text read/write A list of user IDs and emails separated by a comma, be careful when updating this field, any update operation will totally rewrite the field, you have to programmatically get the existing list, append your data to it and update the field with the full list.

Example list: bgnP_qA1Gr2QjIaaaHk9wZ,,ngngqA1Gr2QjIaaaHkhw0
Note Consider using followers field to add users to notification list, use notification_list only to remove users or clear the list.
space_id string read ID of the space that ticket is associated with
state integer read Two values are available:
  • 0 - Closed ticket
  • 1 - Opened ticket
status string read/write String value of ticket status, set it to change the status of a ticket, not case sensitive i.e. New can be set as new or NEW
Note: This field is writable on update operations only, not modifiable on ticket creation, this is restricted to preserve UI behavior.
story_importance integer read/write Importance of a ticket inside a story
updated_at datetime read Date and time ticket was updated.
working_hours float read/write Working hours remained for the ticket.
estimate float read/write Value of ticket estimation points
total_estimate float read If ticket is story, this field contains all estimate data collected from associated tickets
total_invested_hours float read Hours invested in ticket.
total_working_hours float read Hours specified for this ticket to be invested for work on it.
assigned_to_id string read/write ID of user ticket is assigned to.
reporter_id string read/write ID of user who reported the ticket, can be set on ticket creation by a user with all permissions in space
custom_fields hash read/write An array with custom fields and their values. To provide custom fields on create/update operations, add the custom fields collection with values e.g.:
  <custom-fields type="array">
{"ticket":{"custom_fields":{"Field name":"MyField"}}}
Query string
ticket[custom_fields][Field name]=MyField
Note: Spaces in field names are converted to dashes in XML. So if custom field name is "Field name" it will be displayed "Field-name" in XML responses, if field name should be provided for create/update operations spaces should be replaced with dashes for XML(Field-name). More information on ticket create and ticket update documentation pages.
hierarchy_type integer read/write Plan level. Available values are in bold:

  • 0 - No plan level
  • 1 - Subtask
  • 2 - Story
  • 3 - Epic
is_support boolean read/write Virtual attribute used for support tickets creation. Pass true if you want the ticket to be created with Support tool permissions.


Field Validator Description
reporter_id presence validator Reporter should be present, reporter is set automatically on ticket creation therefore removing it is not possible.
estimate numericality validator Only integer and float values or NULL are acceptable.
state presence validator State should be present, a default value is set for the field so you don't have to specify it on creation.
space_id presence validator Space id should be present, space id is set automatically on ticket creation and can't be changed or removed.
summary presence validator Ticket summary should be present.
working_hours numericality validator Only integer and float values or NULL are acceptable.
number uniqueness validator Ticket number should be unique in space scope.
priority inclusion validator Should be in range from 1 to 5.