To fetch metadata of Versions object send a GET request to:|xml)

example. request json with curl utility:

curl -H "authorization: bearer _token"

example. request xml with curl utility:

curl -H "authorization: bearer _token"

table below is the list of fields contained in the response, this list will be properly formatted to json or xml as requested.


Param Data type Access Description
created_at datetime read Time when merge request version was created
id integer read Merge request version identifier
latest string read Denotes if merge request version is the latest one in merge request. The values in bold are possible:
  • false - False
  • true - True
merge_request_id integer read Merge request ID
processed_by_user_id string read ID of the user that merged/ignored the merge request
source_revision string read/write Source revision SHA1
source_symbol string read/write Source symbol (name of a branch, a tag or SHA1 of a revision)
source_symbol_type string read Source symbol type. The values in bold are possible:
  • 1 - Branch
  • 2 - Tag
  • 3 - Revision
target_revision string read Target revision SHA1 ID
updated_at datetime read Date of merge request version last update
url string read URL where the merge request version may be found at. Has the following form:

Note: you have to either append a format (like json or xml) to the URL or send a HTTP_ACCEPT header, which will denote the needed format.
user_id string read ID of the user that created the merge request version
version integer read Version


Field Validator Description
version uniqueness validator Version number is unique in scope of a merge request, this field is set automatically.
source_revision presence validator Source revision should be present.
target_revision presence validator Target revision should be present.