Param Data type Access Description
date datetime read Date when event was generated
operation string read Type of the operation event was generated for, examples: created, updated, deleted.
This is not a full list of operations, some operations are generated when an event occurs. Do not rely much on event operations, these are just string values and can be changed over time, consider using them as they are in your applications.
object string read Type of object event is generated for, available objects are:
  • User
  • Space
  • Message
  • Wiki Page
  • Tool
  • Document
  • URL
  • File
  • Milestone
  • Ticket
  • JobAgreement
  • Application
  • StandUp Report
  • Tool
  • Deploy
  • FTP
  • Merge request
  • Changesets
  • Ticket Comment
object_id string read ID of the object associated with event, can be a number or a GUID depending on id format of the object
title string read Title of the event
space_id string read ID of space event was generated for
space_name string read Space name
author_id string read ID of user event was generated for
author_name string read Name of the author based on user name and lastname permissions
whatchanged string read Present only on Ticket Comment events, Display the changes made in a ticket
ticket hash read Present only on Ticket Comment events, represents a hash with ticket data associated with the event:

  id - ticket id
  number - ticket number
  summary - ticket summary
  operation - operation made over a ticket on event, possible values are: created, commented, fixed, reopened, test, updated, invalidated.

Hash is properly JSON or XML formatted.
comment_or_description string read Randomly present on events that have a comment or description, If even contains a comment or a description, it will be displayed here, truncated to 80 character.